Dandy the Jaguar (daemonikk) wrote in prodeath,
Dandy the Jaguar

New Addition

Well, I'm new. I saw this community after some searching, and joined immediately.
As to the subjects in the profile of this community, I agree most with these two:
-Concern for the future of the planet and life it contains
-Sheer disgust with humanity
As well as the obvious absence of a desire for motherhood, of course.

As a sidenote, I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the famous rat overpopulation experiment, which showed the effects of overpopulation on rats as a model for humanity. With this in mind, whenever I look out at the view of sprawling metropolis and human swarm visible from Flinders Street Train Station here in Melbourne, I think of this:

That is all.
"The line between patriotism and fascism is often blurred."
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